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Answer This...

  • Are you drawn to be with the dying?

  • Are you comfortable in the presence of dying & loss?

  • Do you wish death was viewed differently in our culture?

  • Do you seek to give and live more compassionately?

  • Do you sense that death & loss holds a transformational path?

  • Are you the "go-to" person or "way-shower" in your family or your community on this topic?

  • Are you seeking an End-of-Life Doula certification for the ability to show evidence of your credentials?

Woman reaching toward a soul in heaven over water, representing transformation and compassion in end-of-life care.

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above...
you are in the right place!

We See Your Passion AND YOur PossiBilites

What We Do...


Powerful, Meaningful End-of-Life Doula Education

At LifePath Learners, we believe that every moment is precious, including those at the end of life's journey. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive training and education for individuals who aspire to become end-of-life doulas.

Our mission is to equip compassionate souls like you with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to support others during life's most profound transitions. We provide the essential tools to make a meaningful impact.


Serving with your Unique Signature Brand

Our death doula training programs are meticulously designed to empower you as an end-of-life doula to become a trusted companion and advocate for those nearing the end of life. Through collaborative and experiential learning, we delve deep into the realms of death, dying, grief, and loss to broaden your skills and install the confidence for this work.

Should you be interested in building a business as an independent contractor, seeking work for hire, or volunteering, our programs will strongly support and guide that interest.


Post-Certification support

We don't stop at certification. Integrated into this program is a one-year post-certification support system for professional development and mentorship. This is designed to help you create the approach to doula work you desire. You have lifetime access to the certification materials and any new content added. You'll have opportunities for continuous learning, collaboration, and the exchange of actionable information that can further deepen your practice, your ability to find work in the field and to multiply your impact.

Pattern of lightbulbs with brains, symbolizing innovation and growth at LifePath Learners.

You can be a change agent...
you Know That Death and Dying Can Be Different...

If I Only Knew...

That's what most people say AFTER they've attended a messy or disquieting death. "It could have be so different, if I only knew", they say...

Among the many benefits that end-of-life doulas bring - information, education, and guidance are some of the most powerful tools. I wish I had known about doula services when I was taking care of my friend, as she was dying.

Though it seems like a new, emerging profession, end-life doula work has its roots in ancient times, however...

...we are just now recognizing the value of EOL doulas, and that it is time to legitimize, professionalize, and monetize this powerful and much needed work.

When I was helping my friend Rona, die - I did not see it as the incredible value it was, at the time...I was simply "being with" her. Little did I know, that simply being present IS a superpower that a few of us naturally have. And still, I struggled to support her.

Woman ascending floating stairs with a hand writing in the background, symbolizing the transformative power of end-of-life care at LifePath Learners.
Woman ascending floating stairs with a hand writing in the background, symbolizing the transformative power of end-of-life care at LifePath Learners.

The experience with Rona changed MY life as HER life was ending. There was no title, school or community back then, for what I do now. Thanks to a few pioneers, including our sisters in the birth doula movement, the way has been paved for engaging, satisfying, and important work in this field (they do call it doula WORK!). As with other professions in the healthcare field, for those who want it - this should be paid work, for hire or contracted. The time is NOW!

Headshot of Michelle A, of Montpellier giving her testimonial of LifePath Learners.

Transformation is waiting...

This end-of-life training also gave me the courage to take ownership of the skills I had learned, including how to become an integrated member of an end-of-life care-team, and launch my own, independent, End of Life Specialist Business. I am so honored to have the opportunity to provide this service to people in need, and so grateful for the LifePath Learners/Doing Death Differently training for inspiring me to follow this path in life.”

Michelle A., MOntpellier, VT

"One of the Best...

I’m a retired oncology nurse and have done a lot of online learning since I retired. Your program is one of the best trainings I have ever done. Even the additional readings and videos were not redundant but added another layer. And even after serving the oncology community for so long, the exercise with the cards brought me to tears. I wish everyone would want to take the course. Thank you for your time and effort in developing this program, the information, and presenting it perfectly.

Stacey Russell, NY, NY.

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Getting you ready for however you wish to serve

The Quality of the Training Matters

This training will move you....



This death doula certification taps into the core emotions of what draws you here, fostering a deep sense of connection and motivation. By addressing the emotional aspects of why you wish to do this work, it organically encourages personal growth and empowers you to pursue your passions, and view obstacles as part of life's learning.

Woman holding symbolic lightbulb balloons, representing inspiration and personal growth through our training at LifePath Learners.

this training will Surprise You



Our immersive end-of-life training class creates an interactive experience that captivates your interest, holds your attention and ignites your curiosity. This is the quality of staying power. Through its dynamic approach and relatable content and resources - it draws you in, making the learning process enjoyable and impactful.

Woman on beach at sunset, holding a bunch of helium balloons, signifying engaging and captivating training at LifePath Learners.

This training will light the fire for taking action



Most of all, your transformation is waiting. This death doula training provides practical tools, strategies, and guidance that you can immediately apply in your life and work. It empowers you by providing actionable steps, enabling you to translate your newfound knowledge and inspiration into tangible results and meaningful change.

"Death is not the extinguishing of a light,
but the release of a soul"

- Rabindranath Tagore

Woman soaring with balloons and a spyglass, symbolizing actionable transformation and empowerment at LifePath Learners.

You've Thought About it, but Have Questions...

See it. Be it.

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