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Praise for the Program

"The course was deeply meaningful"...

I just completed your course. I made an erroneous assumption that there would be trite statements about death and dying. I could not have been more wrong. The course was deeply meaningful and very instructive. The emphasis on careful, deep listening and absence of judgment most impressed me.

Lila Suna, Washington, DC

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"My heart is full of joy and appreciation"...

This course has already been a life-changing gift! It is hard to express how much I’ve appreciated it. To me, more than an end-of-life course, this is a LIFE course! Even before I start seeing clients, I can already apply the skills and approach discussed here to my personal relationships and see the magic happening. My heart is full of joy and appreciation, and I’m confident I will carry the profound learnings from this program.

Andrea Soares, Alexandria, VA

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"Intense and beautiful!"

I LOVED the CEOLS training modules. Intense and beautiful! Please know I thanked you in my heart several times.

Nathan Bier, Sacramento, CA

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"I urge anyone to access this training!"

I’ve been carrying the memories of the harsh way my parents each ended their battles with cancer. I would urge anyone to access this training! The techniques taught in this training are invaluable. Fear stands in the way of resolving issues, exploring the past, and preparing for the future is the way out of fear! Well done!

Kathleen McCormack, Tucson, AZ

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"This course was transformative!"

’This course was transformative. I feel confident that I can serve the dying with love and knowledge of their needs. Thank you so much for creating this!

Ashely M., San Diego, CA

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"Thank you for the passion and the detail"...

I was fortunate in my search for end-of-life care training to come across Patty Burgess! This relates to a personal journey caring for my father. Two other programs I sampled were not able to give me the depth and breadth of understanding that I felt I needed. Patty has put together a most informative, educational, authentic collection of 'people in the industry', with comprehensive lessons. Thank you Patty for the passion and detail you have put into creating this outstanding program!

C. Forfar,Toronto,Canada

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"What a privilege!"

I want to tell you how meaningful and rich this training has been for me. It confirms that I will get more than I give from this work - what a privilege!

Teresa Berntsen, Seattle, WA

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"One of the best trainings I have done..."

I’m a retired oncology nurse and have done a lot of online learning since I retired. Your program is one of the best trainings I have ever done. Even the additional readings and videos were not redundant but added another layer. And even after serving the oncology community for so long, the exercise with the cards brought me to tears. I wish everyone would want to take the course. Thank you for your time and effort in developing this program, the information, and presenting it perfectly.

Stacey Russell, NY, NY.

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"Such a beautiful, informative program!"

I want to thank you for such a beautiful, informative program. I hope to bring your teachings into my practice with cancer patients and their families.

Judy ViCava, Bucks County, PA

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"So much I thought I knew..."

So much I thought I knew from having been a postpartum doula but this was so much more. This woman know how to articulate everything I had learned, everything beyond what I knew and wanted to convey to my clients. Thank you!
P.T., CA

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"Thank you for such powerful content!"

Thank you so much for making such powerful content available. I so enjoyed the multidisciplinary components and the testimony from other care providers such as chaplaincy, hospice nurse, volunteer coordinator etc.....and I loved your gentle way of delivering, the unharried pace, and your evident, deep connection to the work. I would have happily worked through another 10 modules:-)

Kirsti Shields, NY

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"The words are ..."Wow"!"

I thank you for your developing and devoting this course to further our journeys. I am so enjoying this process and the vast resources that are made available through it. I have now completed the curriculum for this work…I say this jokingly because I know the true work has not even started. This was very interesting, I have tea almost every morning, and as a Zen Buddhist tea is a tremendous part of my experience but this morning… I tasted the tea for the first time. I give this spacious awakening credit to the work that you provided. The words are Wow. The feelings… need no translation. In deepest gratitude,

R. Cook, TX

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"Truly a journey every step of the way!"

This course was fantastic, heart opening, and truly a journey every step of the way. Keep doing this beautiful work that you do!

Holly Young, Thomasville, PA

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"You are truly "Next Level!"

I just want to tell you what a privilege it has been to experience this training with you and your chosen team in all of the modules; Too many super heroes to count, including yourself! Patty, you truly are “Next Level”!!

Tracey A., WA

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"Hands down, rave reviews!"

Providence Hospice

What some hospice volunteer managers are saying...

We just had our check-in session with our first cohort of trainees using your program. Hands down, RAVE REVIEWS! One participant felt that you were truly speaking to her heart and offered such a sense of comfort and confidence that she is ‘where she should be’. And all agreed that you have a lovely presentation style. Thank you for creating that extension of our long-established program. It’s been a big leap to move to this hybrid model, and it feels like we landed safely!

Codie Walsh, Manager, Volunteer Services

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"I knew I had found a fresh voice."

Constellation Hospice

What some hospice volunteer managers are saying...

When I first came across Patty Burgess’ training program, I knew I had found a fresh voice in this field. The core education is thorough and interesting, and the additional resources are a stellar collection of great content. Highly recommended this training!

Jean Berman, Volunteer Coordinator

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"I don't know how we did it before"...

Yolo Hospice

What some hospice volunteer managers are saying....

Having such a high-caliber training program and a team focusing on updates and accessibility is amazing! We have been able to streamline our volunteer onboarding process and double the number of volunteers we were capable of onboarding each month. I don’t know how we did it before we worked with this program!

Andrew Moore, Volunteer Manager, Yolo Hospice

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I looked at another program, but it did not resonate - your end-of-life doula training was truly OUTSTANDING! You have helped an 84 year old woman work through this fantastic program!

E. Riley, MA

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I laughed, I cried, I agreed!

So many places that touched me deeply - I laugh, I cried, and I agreed with so much of the information you share. Deeply grateful!
Gina S.

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The work you do and way you have presented it are truly exemplary!
Tracy A.

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Very well done!

I am greatly enjoying your CEOLS program...Very well done!
Kimberlee Robinson, PA

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I owe so much to you!

This is the best stuff I've ever done in my life and I owe so much to you!
Nancy Friedberg, Oakland, CA

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Should be in every nursing and med school!

Thank you Patty for all your care, thought, experience and love in this profound course - it really should be in every nursing and med school curriculum!
Astrid Dean, ID

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