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End-of-Life Training

"Death reveals the true purpose of learning:

to find meaning in the face of inevitable finitude."

- Carl Sagan

The Triad of Excellence:

Our End-of-Life Doula Course's
Three Signature Distinctions

What You'll Gain...



  • Experiential exercises to better serve and create transformation for your client (and you!)

  • Identify fears, beliefs, and limitations getting in the way of serving

  • Deeply understand the loss experience to build trust, safety, and connection



  • The power of your personal story to inspire people to engage your services

  • Downloadables, resources and recommendations to easily support and enrich your learning

  • Self-checks, exercises, and techniques to deepen your ability to serve, however you choose



  • Supporting national initiatives for EOL doulas - helping you to promote and serve

  • Unlimited email and FB support for certification coursework

  • Lifetime access to certification material, and new material, as added

See it. Be it.

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